Saturday, 22 February 2014


Times have changed. Not time, I may have used the wrong word there, PEOPLE have changed. People have changed as a whole. It must sound very old-worldly and I ancient, but it's true. Everybody is just less nice. There is a general rule to assume the worst of everyone. Not a soul is given the benefit of the doubt.

I was book shopping when a few guys and a girl started mocking the fact the I was speaking in English. They sounded absolutely ridiculous so I thought saying anything back was unnecessary, but it doesn't change the fact they tried to make me feel bad about myself without even knowing me. Since WHEN did this become okay?

A group of girls tried to make fun, amongst themselves of a girl friend of mine, who has really short hair; saying stupid things about a naayi ki dukaan and God knows what. Why? WHY? Please note that these girls were undergrad students and were inside the university premises. Is this what education has taught you? Do you sleep well at night knowing that you've hurt someone you didn't need to? Don't you fear karma or God's wrath or do you believe in no power beyond yourself? Is this what your family has taught you?

Someone broke a promise: he must be a cheat. The maid called in sick: she must be lying. Someone offered you help: think of ulterior motives. Someone has a lot of wealth: haraam hoga.
Why are we moving so swiftly towards being mean? Where are 'goodness returns to you' and 'jesi karni wesi bharni' and other common moral rules that people believed in?

What's sad is that I can't think of a way out of it, except every person looking into himself and accepting his faults; imagining himself in his victim's shoes; thinking how he would have felt in his place; being... kind.
Please, please, stop hating so much. Human emotions are simple: they give back what they receive. No good thought is gone unnoticed. No good deed is gone unappreciated.

Believe me, love can only ever bring back more of itself. :)